Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Gospel Meeting at Guiddam Church of Christ

April 29, 2011:
Speakers: Gerald Ganela - "Duties of Father"
                Jun Gumpad - "Duties of Children"
                Jerome Forelo - "Duties of Wife"
                Rody Gumpad - "Rightly Dividing the Word of Truth"
                Edgar Licodini - "Effective Discipleship"
                Rody Gumpad - "The True Church of Christ"

Bible Tracts Distribution and Preaching at Pag-asa, Ilagan, Isabela

 April 23, 2011: Jerome Forelo, Mark Daquioag, Robert Rances, Robert Pader, Efren Respicio, Edgar Licodini, Dennis Yuson, Jimmy Duque, Macky Miguel, Manny Pader, Edgar Corpuz, Rogelio Esperanza.

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Preaching @ Annabukulan, Amulung, Cagayan

April 22, 2011: Brethren Jerome Forelo, Gerald Ganela, Cornelio Abig, Ronald Valdez, Mario Garma, Teddy Gumpad, Mark Daquioag, Jun Gumpad, Boni Morales, Jun Antonio, Rogelio Esperanza, Robert Rances, Robert Pader, Manny Pader, Macky Miguel, Jimmy Duque, Dennis Yuson, and Terry Pagulayan joined effeorts to preach for our brethren and friends at Annabukulan, Amulung, Cagayan.  The Preacher at the local congregation is brother Cornelio Abig.  Three souls were converted into Christ as a result of the preaching.  Lesson presented was "Whoever Believes and is Baptized Shall be Saved".

Gospel Meeting @ Tupang, Alcala

3 Confessed Christ
April 21, 2011
Gospel Meeting at Tupang Church of Christ
Preacher: Joeben Jacobo

1. Florendo Respicio - "Praise and Worship"
2. Geronimo Ganela - "Ket Saanka A Di Mamati No Diket Mamatika"
3. Rody Gumpad - "Rightly Dividing The Word of Truth"

Bible Tracts Distribution @ Aquib, Piat, Cagayan

April 16, 2011 fellow preachers Mark Daquioag, Dennis Yuson, Robert Rances, Manny Pader, Edgar Corpuz, Jun Antonio, Jimmy Duque, David Malupeng, Jason Tangilan, Edwin Soriano, Alex Genilba, Jose Tablac, Edison Danao, Gerry Bautista, Mario Garma, Efren Respicio, and yours truly distributed bible tracts for our brethren and friends at Aquib, Piat where brother Dennis Yuson labors for the brethren at Aquib Church of Christ.